Progress Update March, 12th

Successfully completed 2nd Game Room, Yay!

We would like to thank you for all the feedback, some changes have been made since then including

1. Duplicate questions

We revamped the engine of how questions are generated to reduce the possibilities of getting a duplicate question in a single session. However, since this is a quiz game, it will eventually give duplicate questions the more they play.

2. Profile stats

We experiment with the suggestion to change the stats into bar style, and we love it! we hope the changes appeal to most of you guys too!

3. Scoring

We balanced the score between Grade A, Grade B and Grade C, to 

85% - 100%, as Grade A

70% -85% as Grade B

0 - 70% as Grade C

Here some screenshots from Room 2

Warm Regards,

Yin Fei

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